Business Intelligence


Gaming and Business Intelligence

Today we live in a world with more and more access to data. The key to maximising any investment is to translate data into information that can clarify the actions needed to improve business performance.


At Mercury we provide reporting in plain English, with visual presentations to ensure ease of understanding and we save you time by ensuring the key information is brought front and centre. This enables quick and confident decision making to take advantage of current opportunities.


The size of our group allows us to access a large sample of data to ensure integrity of the information presented. We also have access to data and performance information from other markets that provides us performance on product before it arrives in our market.



To Mercury Business Intelligence means the following:

Venue Profiling

Each venue is unique. Different product offering, different purpose, different location, different competition. All of these criteria are factors to determine the optimum product and how it should be configured.


Customer Profiling

Sporting Clubs, Cultural Clubs, Social Clubs and Pubs, Country or Metro venue – each venue profile attracts a different type of customer. What is their reason for being at the venue and how does this affect the games they play. Knowing this leads to better product selection.


Gaming Performance Analysis

What current products are popular in the venue? What return to player should you have? What denominations are working? How many lines should your games have? What does the closest competitor have? What would be an appropriate point of difference? These questions are key to unlocking the right gaming product for each venue.


Product Recommendation

By understanding the venue type, the customer profile, the current product performance and the competitor set we make the right product selections for our venues by marrying this analysis with intelligence from other markets and group learnings from our own network. Each recommendation is designed to fit the specific venues and products are purchased at discounted group prices. There is no margin for us, all savings achieved are passed on to our customers.


Learning from Experience

The same data viewed by different people can lead to different interpretations. We have over 100 years of gaming experience in our office as well as formal qualifications in statistical analysis. We can decipher pages of data and reports quickly to cut through to the key information to provide confidence in business decisions.